The clients of the first years

Economix Research & Consulting was founded in 2000 by Kurt Vogler-Ludwig and Dr. Nicola Düll as an independent, private research and consulting institute. In 2013, our partner Dr. Ben Kriechel joined Economix.

Among the clients of the early years, we had the pleasure to work for

These orders laid the foundation for long-term cooperations.

Our first project dealt with the employment potential in the European cultural sector. We developed this project on behalf of the European Commission in cooperation with MKW Wirtschaftsforschung, Munich, and the Austrian Cultural Documentation Centre, Vienna.

... and the following decades

As a research and consulting institute, Economix worked primarily for federal or state ministries, state authorities, foundations, and international organisations. Not much has changed in this regard over the two decades since it was founded. The list of our clients now includes many important institutions in Germany and around the world.

Economix has been active at European level from the very beginning. In the following years, we were able to accentuate our expertise worldwide. We have dealt with labour markets and education systems in more than 50 countries on all continents.

Last update: September 2020