Social science project on the labour market flexibility and the distribution of labour market related risks

Even 200 years after the industrial revolution the problem of the "working poor" still exists in Europe, raising the basic question of the distribution of labour market related risks. This problem is the focus of a European research project at which Economix Research & Consulting participated together with five European research institutes. The project was supported by the European Commission through its fifth framework program for social science.

The project ESOPE ("European Study on Precarious Employment") investigates the emergence of instable and low paid jobs in modern service economies and analyses the national policies to manage labour market related risks. It aims to better define, analyse and assess precarious employment as one of the main facets of socio-economic risk and insecurity in contemporary European societies. The focus of the project is on the interlink between labour market flexibility and social risks. The analyses will cover five European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. The problem addressed is both scientific and policy-related: it takes a sector approach to the analysis of precarious employment and assesses new flexibility - security arrangements.

    The University of Navarra - Departamento de Trabajo Social in Pamplona is coordinating the research project. The project partners in the five countries are:
  • Departamento de Trabajo Social, Universidad Pública de Navarra (Pamplona)
  • CEE Centre d'études de l'emploi (Paris)
  • CERES Centro di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali (Roma)
  • Economix Research & Consulting (Munich)
  • ICAS (Barcelona)
  • IER Institute for Employment Research (University of Warwick, Coventry)

Duration of the project: 2004


Nicola Düll:

Defining and assessing precarious employment in Europe - a review of main studies and surveys

Nicola Düll:

Is precarious employment shaping European labour markets?

Kurt Vogler-Ludwig:

Combating precarious employment – the case of Germany

Nicola Düll, Klaus Düll:

Precarious employment in Germany

Nicola Düll, Klaus Düll, Simone Leitzke:

Precarious employment in German call centres


Managing labour market related risks in Europe: policy implications

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