IAB Job Vacancy Survey 2019/2020 
Betriebliche Personalpolitik und offene Stellen

Our Research

Job Vacancy Survey

On behalf of the Federal Labour Agency we are conducting the German Job Vacancy Survey which is part of the European Job Vacancy Statistics of the European Statistical Office. It surveys 14000 private companies and public offices on a quarterly basis. The Autumn survey 2018 is finished. We are currently conducting the telefone surveys.

Longterm Forecast for Europe

In cooperation with an international consortium of research institutes Economix creates longterm labour market forecasts for 33 European countries. The results are based on comparable data and forecasting methods. They provide data on supply and demand on national labour markets and the EU.

Labour Markets in Latin America

Economix provides consulting services to the labour administration of Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Peru. For the reorganisation of their services we try to optimise management systems, create indicators for individual employability and improve cross-border cooperation.

Older Workers

On behalf of the OECD, Economix evaluated the policies to improve skills and employability of older workers in a worldwide perspective. In total, reports for 20 countries were submitted and condensed in a synthesis report.

Skills Demand: Anticipation Methods

We established a review of skills demand anticipation methods in 61 countries. The comparison of forecasting approaches and methods was undertaken on behalf of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).


The impact of digital technologies on growth, restructuring, employment and skills was forecasted by the project "The German Labour Market in 2030".