Our staff members

Economix also owes its success to its employees, a team that has grown together over the years through working in cooperation and developing its productivity. Good common practice and mutual trust were always important to us. We thank our employees for their willingness to cooperate, perseverance and efficiency.

Our current staff includes:

Our thanks also go to our former employees:

  • Helene Giernalczyk
  • Luisa Stock
  • Neda Nayeri
  • Simone Leitzke
  • Carlotta Plesnila-Frank
  • Korbinian Frank
  • Elmar Nubbemeyer
  • Robert Gampfer

as well as the external employees of our survey team

  • Edgar Vetter
  • Yannis Vetter
  • Ines Stiller

During the last 20 years, 63 gigabytes of data were processed and 6 gigabytes of text were written for our projects. This corresponds to approximately 11 million tables and one million text pages in printed form. As our list of publications shows, this information has been condensed into more than 200 publications, which all were made available to the public.

It can hardly be said that we were inactive. Rather, it was important to us to provide politicians and the public with as valid information as possible and to provide advice with comprehensible recommendations. We hope that we can continue to do so in the future.

Last update: September 2020