Author: Robert Gampfer, Helene Giernalczyk, Luisa Stock

Publisher: Study for Host Policy Research comissioned by CEDEFOP

Year: 2010

Language: English


Eleven enterprise case studies identified restructuring practices in EU countries to support the re-integration of redundant workers. Adjustment practices and legislative frameworks are highly diverse in Europe. The study concludes that enterprise-led support measures are pro-active in Germany and Sweden, while they seem to me reactive in other Member States.

Economix delivered four company case studies for Germany, two each in the automotive industry and the telecommunication industry. The selected enterprises run (or commissioned) so called ‘transfer companies’ (Transfergesellschaft), which are independent companies employing the redundant workers during the time period of restructuring. These transfer companies support the employees via career guidance, individual coaching, training and work placements. Around two thirds of the employees are successfully placed in the labour market.