Author: Nicola Düll, Céline Thévenot, Herwig Immervoll, James Browne, Rodrigo Fernandez, Dirk Neumann, Daniele Pacifico

Client: OECD

Publisher: OECD

Year: 2018

Language: Englisch

This paper applies a novel method for measuring and visualising employment barriers of individuals with no or weak labour-market attachment, using household micro-data. It first develops indicators to quantify employment obstacles and then uses these indicators in conjunction with a statistical clustering approach to identify unobserved (“latent”) groups of individuals facing similar combinations of barriers. The resulting typology of labour-market difficulties provides insights on the most pressing policy priorities in supporting different groups into employment. A detailed policy discussion illustrates how these empirical results can inform people-centred assessments of existing labour-market integration measures.

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