Author: Luisa Stock, Kurt Vogler-Ludwig

Publisher: Cedefop

Year: 2010

Language: English

The report ‘Skills for Green Jobs’ aims to illustrate how greening of the economy in the course of environmental protection influenced the establishment of green skills and green jobs in Germany. Environmental protection has been on the centre of public debates since decades and legislation and increments of awareness have influenced the restructuring of economic sectors and occupational competences. The following report gives an overview about the development of greening, its influence on the labour market and creation of green jobs in Germany. The German response on greening, with main focus on the skills response is illustrated and assessed. As major methodology desk research, interviews and eight case studies are used. The case studies give a practical insight in the greening process of existing occupations and the establishment of new occupations. The skills response on greening followed an integrative approach rather than specialising. For the future development a further integration for non-environmental occupations needs to be pursued and a higher occupational specialisation for the environmental sector.


ILO syntthesis report and 21 country studies