Our partners

Over the course of 20 years, we have worked with many interesting and competent partners and partner institutes. We thank everyone who - cooperatively or critically - dealt with our work and contributed to the success of our work with valuable information. As a small institute, we would not have been able to work on large and interesting projects without the cooperation of the experts in the various institutes. Working in research networks was just as important to us. Our research network is an integral part of the company.

We emphasise in particular cooperation with:

  • Warwick Institute for Employment Research (Coventry, UK), especially with Robert Lindley, Rob Wilson and Terence Hogarth. Over the long term, we have worked on a large number of European projects for comparative analysis of labour markets. We organised conferences and workshops and had various intense discussions. This was of great value to us.
  • ICF (Birmingham, UK) and the European Employment Policy Observatory, which ICF directs on behalf of the European Commission. Economix was one of the observatory's national correspondents from the very beginning and is now a member of the European Center for Expertise for Labour Market Policy (ECE). We also participated in peer reviews that highlighted specific labour market approaches in individual countries. This opportunity to develop the European perspective was very useful for us.
  • Cambridge Econometrics (Cambridge, UK) has expanded our range of services in a number of projects with its macroeconomic forecasting models. Since there are hardly any comparable models in Germany, we very much appreciate the cooperation with Cambridge Econometrics and the use of their elaborated forecasting tools.
  • Research Center for Education and the Labour Market (Maastricht, NL) supported us in the development of the German forecast model with its experience in developing national forecasts. They are also longstanding partners of the consortium for the European labor market forecast.
  • Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (Vienna, A) is our partner in the consortium of the European labour market forecast.
  • TM Quadrat (Munich): For taking over the telephony in the job vacancy survey.

We also cooperated intensively with individual research persons. These include Danielle Kaisergruber (DKRC, Paris), Harald Hauben (Eftheia, Brussels), Pamela Meil (Institute for Social Research, Munich) and Giuseppe Ciccarone (Fondacione Giacomo Brodolini, Rome). They all gave valuable input and advice to our projects.

Moreover, we would like to thank our clients' research teams, particularly those in the European Commission, the OECD, ILO, CEDEFOP, ETF, Eurofound, Inter-American Development Bank, and many others. Our thanks also go to the supervisors of our projects in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, in the Institute for Labour Market and Vocational Research of the Federal Employment Agency, and other clients. They provided valuable suggestions and took note of our considerations with great interest and understanding.

Last update: September 2020