20 years of scientific economic research and consulting

Our thanks go to

all supporters of the early years, who gave their trust to an institute that was so young at the time. It also goes to the clients of the following years, many of whom have remained our clients up to these days. (more ...)

our cooperation partners, with whom we have worked productively on a great number of projects. (more ...)

our employees who have made our work possible through their personal skills and commitment. (more ...)

the participants of our surveys, who substantially contributed to our understanding of the labour market.

On this page we present an overview of the projects of the past 20 years (more ...). We are pleased to find our work successfully placed in an environment of well-known economic research institutes in Germany, Europe and the world.

Thank you to all visitors of our website and for their interest in our work. We will be glad to continue our good relations in the future.

Kurt Vogler-Ludwig

Dr. Nicola Düll

Dr. Ben Kriechel

Last update: September 2020